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Our Mission

ABP is therefore committed to:

  1. Total quality management, ensuring value for money for our clients
  2. Recruiting, maintaining, and motivating staff;
  3. Providing conducive working environment for staff;
  4. Continuing professional development of staff;
  5. Applying modern technologies in service delivery;
  6. Ensuring energy efficient and environmentally friendly designs


ABP Consult Ltd., as one of the leading private consulting firms in Ghana, provides efficient and high quality engineering consultancy services to private, public and international institutions, thereby contributing to the development of the nation and the sub-region.

ABP Consult Limited was incorporated in Ghana as a Limited Liability Company 1992 having previously operated as a Partnership with the name Asafo-Boakye and Partners from 1969 to 1992.

The management of the company is made up of the following:

  • A Chief Executive;
  • Two Deputy Chief Executives;
  • Two Executive Directors.


ABPConsult has a staff of about 107 consisting of 33 Professional Engineers, 3 Geodetic Engineers, 1 Architect, an Environmentalist, 4 Quantity Surveyors, 20 Technician Engineers and 25 CAD Operators.

There is an Administrative supporting staff of Accountants, Secretaries and other clerical staff. This available human resource provides expertise in a relatively broad range of consultancy services for planning, design and management of many types of engineering projects.



AGRO-INDUSTRY Farm structures, agro factories and storage facilities;
ENERGY Power supply and distribution, petroleum products storage facilities;
HOUSING DEVELOPMENT Housing estates, residential accommodation;
INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT Industrial structures, factories and warehouses;
INSTITUTIONAL BUILDINGS Office complexes, schools, hospitals, hotels, hostels and market buildings;
INTEGRATED RURAL & URBAN DEVELOPMENT Rural housing and related infrastructural services, site and services, slum upgrading, municipal facilities;
IRRIGATION Irrigation and land drainage;
ROADS AND BRIDGES Feeder Roads, highways, urban roads, bridges and culverts, airports, runways, aprons and terminal buildings;
TELECOMMUNICATIONS Transmission structures, masts and associated civil engineering structures;
WATER SUPPLY AND SANITATION Water supply, sewerage and sewage disposal, waste management, (solid and liquid).