Road User Chges.

Project Name:Road User Charges and Axle Load Study

 Project Location Within Country: Ghana

 Name Of Client:Ministry of Roads and Highway

 Country: Ghana

Narrative Description of Project:

Technicon, UK, had been awarded consultancy services for the detailed study of Road User Charges and Axle Loads for the major roads in Ghana. The study involved the impact on cost of deterioration of road pavement, leading to the need for higher standard by categories of vehicles and formulation of a method for determining annual growth rate.

Description of Actual Services Provided by ABP:

As sub-consultants to Technicon, ABP carried out field surveys and studies and data collection including road and bridge condition surveys, axle loads, traffic surveys (Origin and Destination Survey) etc. Data assembled were used by other experts to carry out detailed analysis of relationships between axle loads, pavement thicknesses etc.